b. February 14, 1986 - Cape Cod, Massachusetts



Boston  //  New York  //  Shanghai  //  New Orleans  //  Los Angeles  //  Nashville



feel the feelings  //  convey the time  //  make the music



Zildjian Cymbals  //  Vater Drumsticks   //  Gretsch Drums   //  Jerry Harvey Audio




"There wasn't much Sesame Street, but there was Yellow Submarine and Ziggy Stardust and Devo. My parents brought me to see a lot of concerts before I even got to kindergarten - Ringo & His All-Star Band, Kriss Kross, Little Richard, New Kids on the Block, the Lovin' Spoolfun. They encouraged and fostered whatever they saw in me early, and I'm immeasurably thankful for that, because when they died [in 2004 - 2005]  I never wondered what I was going to do - I had already been doing it. I just had to figure out how to do it and survive, you know, vocationally speaking."


"Part of my deal was never having a clear understanding of how to "brand" myself. I really remained deliberately naive enough to think I was just going to be a player like my heroes. There's a pressure now to have your "package" together - knowing what people are getting with you - and my "thing" was just playing like I meant it, whatever it was, and staying true to that served me. And I still believe it'll serve anyone who's actually living in servitude to the music, whatever it is."


"Yeah, you could say Metallica is why I have a career in music. I mean, look what they did!"


"When Blakey said, 'I hear violins in my ride cymbals' he said everything."